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PDF icon Halm-Lemeille et al 2014 final.pdf (908.9 Ko)
PDF icon Mottier et al. 2014 Mecoprop.pdf (1.82 Mo)
PDF icon Mercado et al 2014.pdf (529.23 Ko)
PDF icon fphys-05-00129.pdf (1.18 Mo)
PDF icon ! Zbinden et al. 2015.pdf.pdf (999.7 Ko)
Bussard A, Lopez PJ (2014) Evolution of Vacuolar Pyrophosphatases and Vacuolar H+-Atpases in Diatoms. Journal of Marine Science and Technology 22:50-59
PDF icon Bussard_publi_2014.pdf (911.08 Ko)
PDF icon Carvajal et al._072014.pdf (608.49 Ko)
PDF icon Genetic structure in the Amazonian catfish Brachyplatystoma rousseauxii- influence of life history strategies.pdf (1008.87 Ko)
PDF icon 38-Gisbert et al.'14.pdf (2.04 Mo)
PDF icon 34-Gilles et al.'14.pdf (417.29 Ko)
PDF icon Thorel et al 2014 Harmful Algae.pdf (456.08 Ko)
PDF icon Pasquier_BMC_Evol2014.pdf (5.79 Mo)
PDF icon PasquierJME2014.pdf (345.61 Ko)
PDF icon Denys et al 2014 Esox aquitanicus.pdf (1.89 Mo)
PDF icon Maugars2014journal.pone_.0111361.pdf (3.27 Mo)
PDF icon 2014 Blanchet et al JSR.pdf (792.74 Ko)
PDF icon Jeng_GCE_2014.pdf (2.21 Mo)
PDF icon NAvetNeuroModel.JMST2014.pdf (1.29 Mo)
Keith P, Lord C, Taillebois L, Feutry P (2014) New data on freshwater fish of New Caledonia. Dans: in Guilbert É., Robillard T., Jourdan H., & Grandcolas P.(eds), Zoologia Neocaledonica 8. Biodiversity studies in New Caledonia. , Mémoires du Muséum national d’Histoire naturelle . Muséum national d’Histoire naturelle, Paris , p 127-132
PDF icon 07 Keith ZN8.pdf (831.69 Ko)
PDF icon Taillebois et al, 2014 - New Sicydiinae phylogeny inferred from mitochondrial and nuclear genes Insights on systematics and ancestral areas.pdf (4.77 Mo)