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Keith P, Lord C (2011) Foreword. Cybium 35
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Keith P, Lord C, Taillebois L, Feutry P (2014) New data on freshwater fish of New Caledonia. In: in Guilbert É., Robillard T., Jourdan H., & Grandcolas P.(eds), Zoologia Neocaledonica 8. Biodiversity studies in New Caledonia. , Mémoires du Muséum national d’Histoire naturelle . Muséum national d’Histoire naturelle, Paris , p 127-132
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Keith P, Lord C, Marquet G, Kalfatak D (2009) Biodiversity and biogeography of amphidromous fishes from New Caledonia, a comparison to Vanuatu. . In: Biodiversity studies in New Caledonia, Zoologica Neocaledonica .p 175-183
Keith P (2007) Freshwater fishes of Seychelles. In: Terrestrial and freshwater vertebrates of Seychelles Islands , Backhuys publishers, Leiden, The Netherlands.p 9-17
Keith P (2006) Les eaux continentales dans les îles d’outre mer . In: Les eaux continentales, rapport science et technologie n°25, Académie des sciences.p 64-66
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PDF icon 10-Keith SI [Cybium 2018, 422]195-200.pdf (1.76 MB)
PDF icon 5-Thr Fish L rubrofasciatus [Cybium 2019, 432].pdf (550.49 KB)
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