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Workshop Functional genomics

Du gène à la fonction : développement d'outils de génomique fonctionnelle chez des organismes non-modèles

General topics

This workshop is dedicated to the setting up and the sharing of methods and resources concerning functional genomics in the organisms on which the lab focuses. These organisms, from microalgae to marine mollusks and vertebrates, are non-model organisms for most of them and thereby lack documentation regarding these innovating approaches. The purpose of this workshop is to break through some methodological locks in functional genomics, thereby leading to the possibility of the characterization of the function of genes by increased transgenesis efficiency (microinhection, transfection, biolistics), genome editing (CRISPR/Cas) and post-trancriptional gene silencing (RNA interference). This workshop is related to the ‘cell-culture‘ workshop.

The Research Unit BOREA supported the following incentive project:

« CHIC : Caryotype HuItre Crassostrea. Développement de caryotypes chez les huîtres Crassostrea gigas et C. rhizophorae » (co-resp. Christophe Lelong, Eq2 Caen et Etienne Bézault, Eq1 Pointe-à-Pitre) : 2015 renouvelé 2016