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Team 4: Larval dispersal and communities organization in austral and tropical island systems
Philippe Keith
Contract duration: 
8 Nov 2018 to 31 Dec 2019
MNHN Paris
Research topics: 

As part of my research work, I'm interested in amphidromous crustaceans systematics, and more specifically in shrimps of the genus Caridina (Atyidae) from a taxonomic as well as phylogenetic point of view.
Within this genus, I deal with two species complexes, the Caridina nilotica complex and the Caridina weberi complex, which are taxonomically confused.
The aim of my work is, in one hand, to resolve the taxonomic problems by proposing clear limits between the species highlighted by integrative taxonomy (use of morphological, genetical, ecological, biological, phylogeographical data...) and, in the other hand, to develop a sclerochronological method applied to these shrimps in order to better know their life traits linked to larval dispersion.

The aim of my study is to help managers for the conservation or the sustainable exploitation of these species and their environments.

I will therefore use, in my work, perform advanced technics in the fields of genetics or sclerochronology.