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C. gigas spat

«Study of the physiological status of oyster spat» - Convention CRBN 2013-PCM 05 Synergies Partenariales et Actions Novatrices

Team 2: Reproduction and development of aquatic organisms: evolution, adaptation, regulations
2013 to 2015
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Spat batches used by professionals show different sensitivities to environmental stressors, related to their physiological status. This status could be impacted by the origin and history of animals that are events that individuals have to undergo according to the environment, culture or zoological practices.

This program aims thus to understand the link between the history of animals, their physiological status and their response to stress. The objective is to qualify the key physiological events that animals have to cope with from metamorphosis to the first sexual maturity and which may impact their physiological status : (i) gonadic establishment followed by first gametogenesis ; (ii) first gonadic differentiation ; (iii) storage ability of energy reserves and their use ; (iv) growth. The diversity of spat used by professionals is taken into account through the characterization of animals of different origins (hatcheries, natural collection).