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Team 6: Source and transfer of organic matter in aquatic ecosystems

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General topics

The topics for which we have developped an extensive expertise focuses on the study of the functioning of aquatic ecosystems through the combined use of isotopic, biochemical and sclerochronologic markers. Our expertise responds to important issues: those of the origin, fate and quality of organic matter for optimal characterization of the functional state of an aquatic ecosystem. We tackle these studies through two main approaches: 1) the responses of food webs under anthropogenic pressures and 2) qualitative changes affecting transfers at different levels of organic matter.

A biochemical marker commonly used in our laboratory (Video in Frech):

Research Programs

Program type Complete title Schedule
IMPAIC National/Regional IMPacts Acoustiques sur les Invertébrés de la baie de Saint-BrieuC 2018 to 2021
BiEau-Amaz International BiEau-Amaz - Vers une approche biologique de la caractérisation géochimique des eaux amazoniennes à l’échelle infra-annuelle national (au niveau financier) et international 2017 to 2018
BIO-Tide European The role of microbial biodiversity in the functioning of marine tidal flat sediments 2017 to 2020
SCUBA National/Regional Structuration des CommUnautés Bactériennes de biofilms de récifs Artificiels 2016 to 2017
PRIVARC International PRIVARC Plasticité du recrutement des bivalves Arctiques 2016 to 2017
ENDOKELP National/Regional Mise en place d’un système expérimental in situ endophyte-kelp pour l’étude des interactions moléculaires impliquées dans la relation entre macroalgues et endomicrobiome 2016 to 2018
TRECH National/Regional Ecologie Trophique de l'espèce invasive et ingénieur Crepidula fornicata 2016 to 2019
HULK European Functional Chloroplasts inside Animal cells: cracking the puzzle 2016 to 2019
Valorisation des données de l’expédition Madibenthos pour la gestion et la conservation National/Regional Valorisation des données de l’expédition Madibenthos pour la gestion et la conservation 2016 to 2020
MicroBE National/Regional Microfluidic of epilithic Biofilms : Impact of chlordecone 2015
OBLT International Binational Observatory of Lake Titicaca (OBLT) 2015 to 2019
Bioindication mangroves /Defining bio-indicators in mangroves National/Regional Développement de l’indicateur DCE « Mangroves » 2015 to 2021
ISLAY National/Regional Characterization and role of fungal metabolome in interactions between laminar and their endophytic fungi (program SIC EC2CO, CNRS-INSU) 2014 to 2016
PROCARDYA National/Regional Role and diversity of planktonic prokaryotes in macroalgae degradation 2013 to 2014
PARAPETI International Hydrological Balance, biological quality and water management in the Bolivian Chaco. 2013 to 2016
BBPolar_SCLERARCTIC International Panarctic bivalves as polar bioarchives. 2013 to 2016
DRIVER International Determinism of the recruitment of bivalves submitted to environmental and anthropogenic constraints. 2012 to 2016
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Scientific papers

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Moteur de recherche Bibliographie

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