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Assistant professor


Université de CAEN Normandie (UCN)



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Université de Caen Normandie (UCN)


Team 2: Reproduction and development of aquatic organisms: evolution, adaptation, regulations

Research axis/workshop

Workshop Cell Culture
Workshop Functional Genomics
Gonadic tubule of the oyster Crassostrea gigas, early stage, optical microscopy
Gonadic tubule of the oyster Crassostrea gigas, early stage, SEM

Research topics

Key words: Mollusc - Gonad - Gametogenesis - Germinal niche - Gonial mitosis

Structure and functioning of the germinal niche in the oyster Crassostrea gigas: My research concerns the characterization of cellular actors implied in the germinal niche. Mechanisms of stemness and differentiation in this microenvironment are particularly explored. Study of morphology of germ and somatic cells and measure of expressions of molecular markers (KLF, Sox2, Gata1,Vasa, Piwi, Nanos) allows to understand the global architecture of the germinal niche in this alternative hermaphrodite.

Methods used: optical, confocal and electronic microcopies,  cellular enrichments, flow cytometry, impedance analysis.

Scientific expertise : Study of germ stem and proliferative compartments in C.gigas.  Gametogenesis description in different molluscs (Crassostrea gigas, Corbicula sp, Ruditapes decussatus) by qualitative and quantitative approaches (qualitative histology, quantitative histo-imagery). Cellular enrichments (density gradients, FACS).


  • Engineering School of the University of Caen Basse-Normandie, Food department (ESIX AgroA). 
  • Manager of the Seafood sector in the school.
  • Manager of the second year of food engineering formation.
  • Teaching in animal biology, technical analysis of food products, agronomy.

Administrative responsibilities

  • Member of the school council of the Engineering School of the University of Caen.
  • Member of the food department council of the ESIX AgroA