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Claquin P, Leynaert A, Sferatorre A, Garnier J, Ragueneau O (2006) Physiological Ecology of Diatoms Along the River-Sea Continuum. Diatom ecophysiology along the aquatic continuum from river to ocean BT - Island Press. Dans: The Silicon Cycle. Human Perturbations and Impacts on Aquatic Systems. Edited by V. Ittekkot, D. Unger, C. Humborg and N. Tac An. Scope 66, p 121–138
PDF icon Gender determination in the Paiche or Pirarucu (Arapaima gigas) using plasma vitellogenin, 17b-estradiol, and 11-ketotestosterone levels.pdf (571.67 Ko)
PDF icon Cherif_feildel 2019.pdf (4.32 Mo)
PDF icon Cherif-Feildel2018.pdf (3.25 Mo)
PDF icon dib cherif 2019.pdf (147.34 Ko)
Cherel Y, Duhamel G (2004) Antarctic jaws: cephalopod prey of sharks in Kerguelen waters. Deep-Sea Research Part I-Oceanographic Research Papers 51:17–31
PDF icon 38-Chazeau-FullMS.pdf (1.35 Mo)
PDF icon Chaalali et al. 2013.pdf (1.21 Mo)
PDF icon Cella-Ribeiro_et_al_2015.pdf (1.05 Mo)
PDF icon Castelin-australe-2017.pdf (4 Mo)
PDF icon Castelin et al., 2013 MARBIOL.pdf (794.22 Ko)
Cassen S, Baltzer A, Lorin A, Fournier J, Sellier D (2011) Submarine Neolithic stone rows near Carnac (Morbihan), France: preliminary results from acoustic and underwater survey. Dans: Books O (éd) Submerged Prehistory. J. Benjamin, C. Bonsall, C. Pickard & A. Fischer, Oxford, p 99–110
PDF icon Carvajal et al._072014.pdf (608.49 Ko)
PDF icon Population genetic structure of Cichla pleiozona (Perciforme Cichlidae) in the Upper Madera basin (Bolivian Amazon), Sex-biased dispersal.pdf (406.89 Ko)
PDF icon Genetic structure in the Amazonian catfish Brachyplatystoma rousseauxii- influence of life history strategies.pdf (1008.87 Ko)
PDF icon JEMBE_2011.pdf (1.48 Mo)