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PDF icon Benomar et al. 2010.pdf (719.15 Ko)
PDF icon 2017 Bellard et al. - Nature Ecology & Evolution.pdf (1.97 Mo)
PDF icon 2016 Bellard et al. - Ecosphere.pdf (574.55 Ko)
PDF icon 2018 Bellard et al. - Ecology & Evolution.pdf (857.6 Ko)
PDF icon Beaune et al-Hydrobiologia-2018.pdf (4 Mo)
PDF icon NCC_2012.pdf (688.87 Ko)
Beaugrand G, Goberville E, Luczak C, Kirby RR (2014) Marine biological shifts and climate. Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 281:20133350
PDF icon Beaugrand et al 2014 Proceedings B.pdf (939.55 Ko)
PDF icon Beaugrand et al 2015 NCC.pdf (2.62 Mo)
PDF icon Beaugrand et al. 2018.pdf (24.41 Mo)
PDF icon Beaugrand et al_2012_PO.pdf (1.2 Mo)
PDF icon Bazin et al 2014.pdf (1.23 Mo)
PDF icon Bazin et al 2014 PloSOne.pdf (3.44 Mo)
PDF icon Ontogenetic variation of food intake and gut evacuation rate in larvae of the doncella Pseudoplatystoma punctifer, as measured using a non-destructive method.pdf (459.16 Ko)
PDF icon How many meals a day to minimize cannibalism when rearing larvae of the Amazonian catfish Pseudoplatystoma punctifer- The cannibal’s point of view.pdf (1.2 Mo)
PDF icon baltzer_2015.pdf (700.08 Ko)
PDF icon Baillon_Chemosphere2015.pdf (490.11 Ko)