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Biodiversité et dynamique des interactions dans des systèmes multi-hôtes-parasites

Equipe 7 : Biodiversité et Macroécologie
2014 - 2017
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The research project BIOHOPSYS aims at investigating the local impacts of environmental changes (e.g. habitat modification, climate change) on zoonotic and vector-borne diseases (near 60% of emerging infections), in relation to biodiversity heterogeneity and change. The programme is localized in French Guiana (FG), both a hotspot of biodiversity, particularly at threat due to land use, climate and demographic changes, and a region with high potential risk of zoonotic and vector-borne emerging diseases in the near future. FG is a specifically well suited model to investigate local impacts of environmental changes on the interactions between biodiversity and infectious diseases due to its geographical localization near the equator line and its socio-economical conditions which mirror in part those of a developing country.