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VELVIN Camilla

Equipe 7 : Biodiversité et Macroécologie
Rodolphe Elie Gozlan
Contrat (dates): 
1 oct 2015 - 10 aoû 2018
IRD Cayenne (Guyane Française)
Ecole doctorale: 
Norwegian Educational Loan Fund
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Environmental drivers of tropical disease emergence: The case of Buruli ulcer across the Guiana Shield

I am a public health veterinarian with a strong interest in infectious tropical and zoonotic diseases, my main focus is on the interactions between environmental changes and the effect this can have on pathogens and disease emergence. Currently with the IRD in French Guiana, I study several of the Mycobacterium species, with a special focus on Mycobacterium ulcerans.

Here I will try to investigate the ecological processes which links the functional and specific aquatic & riparian host diversity with mycobacterium species, and how these affects the abundance and spread of the bacteria in the tropical ecosystems. This will be used to establish a quantitative framework to evaluate the dynamics and risk of disease emergence and come in support of determining conservation priorities in tropical regions across the Guiana shield.