Binational Observatory of Lake Titicaca (OBLT)

Binational Observatory of Lake Titicaca (OBLT)

Lac Titicaca et Cordilière Royale. photo Xavier Lazzaro

OBLT objectives:

  • Develop research on the ecological and biogeochemical functioning of Lake Titicaca, in relation to global changes
  • Implement an automated-routine monitoring to accompany the environmental evolution and verify the effectiveness of the measures taken
  • Produce quality databases, updated and validated for the research of scientists, the taking of political decisions, to the service of the civil society (information, education, improvement of living conditions)
  • Identify the sources and sites of contamination, their effects on water quality, water balances, hydro-biological resources and human activities
  • Anticipate extreme events and control the eutrophication-induced climate and anthropogenic changes
  • Design and test bioremediation approaches using the ecological engineering
  • Become a model of observation, management and governance for transboundary lake 


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MNHN Paris
The French Institute for Research and Development (IRD)
Published on 11 Jun 2020
Updated on 04 Jul 2020