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PDF icon Cella-Ribeiro_et_al_2015.pdf (1.05 MB)
PDF icon Mortillaro_et_al_2015_Freshwater_Biology.pdf (761.89 KB)
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PDF icon Goberville_et_al-2015-Ecology_and_Evolution.pdf (2.5 MB)
Marie B, Arivalagan J, Dubost L, Berland S, Marie A, Marin F (2015) Unveiling the evolution of bivalve nacre proteins by shell proteomics of Unionoidae. . In: Biomineralization: from fundamentals to biomaterials & environmental issues, Key Engineering Materials, 978-3-03835-591-5 Trans Tech Publications Ltd.p pp.158-167
PDF icon ECOGRAPHY_E01388.pdf (1.92 MB)
PDF icon Evariste et al 2015.PDF (400.71 KB)
De La Barra E, Zubieta J, Aguilera G, Maldonado M, Pouilly M, Oberdorff T (2015) Which factors determine the altitudinal distribution of tropical Andean riverine fishes?. Revista de Biolog{ía Tropical/International Journal of Tropical Biology and Conservation 64:157–176
PDF icon Pierron_EST2014.pdf (998.38 KB)
PDF icon Minguez et al 2014.pdf (798.01 KB)
PDF icon Abril_et_al_2014_Nature_With_Supp_Info.pdf (4.17 MB)
PDF icon Protogobius-MFR-2014.pdf (559.75 KB)
PDF icon Minguez et al 2014.pdf (1004.13 KB)
PDF icon Agogué et al. 2014.pdf (1 MB)
Hulley P-A, Causse R, Koubbi P, Vacchi M (2014) Biogeographic patterns of fish. In: The Biogeographic Atlas of the Southern Ocean .
PDF icon ReviewDevSepiaBonnaud2014.pdf (840.84 KB)
PDF icon Santerre et al 2014.pdf (1.43 MB)
Duhamel G, Hulley P-A, Causse R, Koubbi P, Vacchi M, Pruvost P, Vigetta S, Irisson J-O, Mormede S, Belchier M, (2014) Chapter 7. Biogeographic patterns of fish. In: Biogeographic Atlas of the Southern Ocean, In: De Broyer C., Koubbi P., Griffiths H.J., Raymond B., Udekem d’Acoz C. d’, et al. (eds.).p 327–362
PDF icon Gaume et al., 2014.pdf (1.81 MB)
PDF icon David & Boonsoong 2014.pdf (699.08 KB)
PDF icon Minguez et al 2014.pdf (706.57 KB)
PDF icon Bazin et al 2014.pdf (1.23 MB)
PDF icon 08-Meunier[383]223-230.pdf (1.35 MB)
PDF icon RFa_review2014.pdf (655.83 KB)
PDF icon Napoleon et al MEPS 2014.pdf (1.84 MB)