Long-term phenological shifts in raptor migration and climate

TitleLong-term phenological shifts in raptor migration and climate
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsJaffre, M, Beaugrand, G, Goberville, E, Jiguet, F, Kjellén, N, Troost, G, Dubois, PJ, Leprêtre, A, Luczak, C
JournalPLoS ONE

Climate change is having a discernible effect on many biological and ecological processes. Among observed changes, modifications in bird phenology have been widely documented. However, most studies have interpreted phenological shifts as gradual biological adjustments in response to the alteration of the thermal regime. Here we analysed a long-term dataset (1980-2010) of short-distance migratory raptors in five European regions. We revealed that the responses of these birds to climate-induced changes in autumn temperatures are abrupt and synchronous at a continental scale. We found that when the temperatures increased, birds delayed their mean passage date of autumn migration. Such delay, in addition to an earlier spring migration, suggests that a significant warming may induce an extension of the breeding-area residence time of migratory raptors, which may eventually lead to residency.

PubMed ID24223888
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