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Assistant professor


Muséum National d'Histoire Naturelle (MNHN)



+33 1 40 79 31 68


MNHN Paris


Team 7: Biodiversity & Macroecology

Research axis/workshop

Transversal axe Global Change
Travaux de modélisation en cours

Research topics

My research works consist in studying biodiversity patterns at large spatial scales, from species to communities. Specifically, I study biodiversity response to environmental changes (anthropic pressures, climate change, biological invasions). From my works I try to produce indicators useful for biodiversity conservation: indicators of state, response, and trajectories.

My objective is to study the multiple facets of communities (taxonomic diversity, trait / functional diversity, phylogenetic diversity, etc.) at large spatial scales, to better understand the multiple impacts of environmental changes on biodiversity and its multiple components.

I am also working on species response to global change, using species distribution models (SDMs). Currently I am trying to better understand the uncertainties of SDMs, and their real ability to correctly predict species distributions, particularly in a global change context. To this aim I developed an R package called ‘virtualspecies’. Virtualspecies provides a framework to simulate virtual species distributions, to test the capacity of SDMs to correctly predict species distributions, under different constraints/biases.


I teach courses in ecology, statistics and modelling and conservation biology in the masters of the Museum. 

Expertise and Valorization

I am working closely with the ‘Service du Patrimoine Naturel’, an institute of the Museum which is responsible for compiling and mapping data on the biodiversity of France. I am therefore studying the databases of the ‘Inventaire National du Patrimoine Naturel’ (INPN – National Inventory of the Natural Heritage) to provide tools useful for nature managers, policy makers, such as biodiversity indicators.