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Katherine COSTIL

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Assistant professor


Université de CAEN Normandie (UCN)



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Université de Caen Normandie (UCN)


Team 1: Evolution of Biomineralizations and Adaptations to Environmental Constraints

Research axis/workshop

Transversal axe Global Change
Ostréiculture à Saint-Vaast-la-Hougue

Research topics

Ecological and Ecotoxicological Studies in aquatic ecosystems:

  • Spatio-temporal monitoring of oysters (Crassostrea gigas) and, marine (Mytilus edulis) and brackish/freshwater (Mytilopsis leucophaeta, invasive species) mussels by considering: hydrological parameters (in collaboration with LERN, IFREMER, Port-en-Bessin), environmental pollution (in collaboration with LABEO, Caen) and biological performances (survival, bivalves’growth and quality, reproduction and stress level) (in situ studies);
  • Assessments of the effects of various contaminants (pesticides, pharmaceutical residues, PCBs) on:
    • embryo-larval stages and metamorphosis in marine bivalves (embryotoxicity);
    • juvenile and adult bivalves by using a battery of biomarkers at different levels of organization: 1) molecular (mRNA quantification); 2) biochemical (activity of enzymes involved in detoxification and oxidant stress regulation, lipidic peroxidation, energy reserves); 3) cellular (immunotoxicity, dynamics of the lysosomal system …); individual (reprotoxicity, histopathology …) (in situ, in vivo and in vitro approaches).

These researches are conducted in the frame of programs such as: 1) European Interreg IVA project CHRONEXPO (Studies on the effects of CHROnic EXPOsure on marine organisms to contaminants from industry in the English channel) coordinated by B. Fievet (IRSN Cherbourg); 2) ANR « Pharm@ecotox » (Pharmaceutical residues and ecotoxicology in seawater) coordinated by M.P. Halm (CERMN), 3) ANR « IPOC » (Interaction between POllution and Climate changes: development of monitoring strategy) coordinated by M. Auffret (LEMAR) et M. Fournier (INRS-IAF) and 4) The project "Contaminants émergents et conchyliculture" (DARM regional funding)


  • Teaching at UFR des Sciences, Department of Biology (100%)
  • Teaching: undergraduate courses (L2 and L3); Master 1 et 2 Aquacaen et Ecocaen in Ecology (aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems) and Marine Biology
  • Lectures, exercises, pratical and field courses (e.g. training « Ecosystèmes Littoraux », M1 Aquacaen)
  • Responsible for a field course in L2 (BI404) and courses in L2 (BI411) and M1 (SEC12 et SEC13)

Administrative responsibilities


  • Teacher in charge of the under-graduate courses (L3) Biology – Ecology (BECO)
  • Member of the steering committee of under-graduate courses
  • Coordinator for ERASMUS exchanges with Scandinavian countries
  • Referring teacher for students with health problems or disabilities

Expertise and Valorization

  • Member of steering committees of various programs in relation to aquaculture, on foot fishing and costal environment quality
  • Expert for the departmental committee “Captive wildlife”
  • Referee for various scientific journals in the fields of ecotoxicology and aquaculture