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Frédéric OLIVIER

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Muséum National d'Histoire Naturelle (MNHN)



+33 1 40 79 35 70


MNHN Station marine Concarneau


Team 6: Source and transfer of organic matter in aquatic ecosystems
Streptospinigera niuqtuut sp. nov. Holotype (MNHN POLY TYPE 1553) : a. partie antérieure vue dorsale, b. parapode de la moitié du corps. Echelle: a. 0.2 mm., b. 0.1 mm.

Research topics

In a sustainable coastal management context, I try to understand and estimate the shares of natural and anthropogenic stresses in the processes that continually (re) structure this natural heritage. An important part of my work includes the impact of shellfish farming (Bay of Mont Saint Michel-Chausey) on the related "natural" ecosystems. More recently, I developed Arctic polar research on the influence of global warming on the pelagic-benthic coupling. Whatever the place of study, I try to explain the role of MO aquatic ecological processes (pelagos-benthos coupling, filter-feeder growth, recruitment ...) through the use of biogeochemical indicators (fatty acids, stable isotopes...). At the interface between ecology and (bio) geochemistry, the use of these indicators, coupled with that of other methods such as sclerochronology, shed light on the one hand, on the responses of aquatic systems subjected to natural and anthropogenic pressures and secondly, with the help of in situ and laboratory experiments (hydrodynamic flumes...) to validate and quantify the mechanisms involved. Finally, my faunistical skills on marine invertebrates, particularly polychaete annelid group, allow me, in collaboration with taxonomists, to describe new species of Syllidae and Chrysopetalidae.


L’enseignement se réalise principalement dans le cadre de stages de terrain sur la connaissance et la gestion des anthroposystèmes littoraux :

  1. UE « Écologie des Systèmes Naturels et Anthropisés Côtiers » Master EBE. Stage au CRESCO (Dinard, 35).
  2. UE « Inventaires des organismes en milieux insulaire et côtier » Master SEP. Stage aux îles Chausey, zone de cohabitation de différents usages (conchyliculture, pêche à pied, réserves ornithologique et marine, recherche).
  3. Master 2 OEM SDUEE Inventaire et échantillonnage en milieu côtier : E2F « Mer ». Stage au CRESCO (Dinard, 35)

La formation continue concerne la taxonomie des annélides polychètes et plus récemment les impacts du changement climatique en Arctique :

  1. Taxonomie des invertébrés benthiques  (SBR, UPMC) : polychètes substrat meuble ;
  2. Formation Polychètes  au MNHN pour personnel technique IFREMER ;
  3. Communication/débat à l’école d’été 'Changement climatique, Océan et Société', Brest, France

La diffusion de connaissance concerne ma participation à des évènements type fête de la science, fête de la mer et de conférences grand public.

Administrative responsibilities

2014: Elected member of the UMR7208 BOREA;

2002-2008: Elected member of the committees selecting new MNHN Maîtres de conferences (section 67);

2007-2010: ACMO, CRESCO Dinard;

Technical manager of the hydrodynamic channel HYCOBENTHOS (CNRS) for 15 years;

Evaluator of several international research grants proposals(NSERC, FQRNT, NSF ...) and Fellowship MSc, PhD and Post-doctoral given by the RAQ (Ressources Aquatiques Québec);

Curator tasks

Since few months I am in charge of the collection of bryozoans (nearly 15,000 lots and 7,000 slides).

Expertise and Valorization

2005-2010: Co-coordinator of the 'Benthic sub-task' for the EU Water Framework Directive (WFD) as part of research collaboration’s contracts (BdM Cherbourg);

2008-2009: Co-coordinator of the 'Benthic sub-task' for DCE 'Transitional waters' in the Bay of Mont St-Michel;

2006-2007: Co-coordinator of the 'Benthic sub-task' to monitor shellfish restructuring in the Bay of Mont St-Michel;

2005 and 2007: Co-coordinator of Natura 2000 mapping of the Bay of Mont-St-Michel and the Chausey archipelago;

2007-regularly sought as an expert evaluator for projects submitted to the International (NSF, FQRNT, NSERC);

2006-Member of RAQ Aquaculture Network (Québec / Canada).


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