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Francis ORVAIN

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Assistant professor


Université de CAEN Normandie (UCN)



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Université de Caen Normandie (UCN)


Team 5: Diversity and interactions in coastal ecosystems

Research axis/workshop

Transversal axe Global Change

Curriculum Vitae

Mesures d'érodimétrie et bioturbation
Porte-échantillons de sédiments d'érodimétrie

Research topics

Francis Orvain is an associate professor in the team ‘Diversity and Interaction in Coastal Ecosystems’ of BOREA. He is 39 years old and has published 29 ranked-A papers with a H-index of 13. He is a specialist of the relationships between sedimentary habitats and benthic communities (macrozoobenthos and microphytobenthos) at the sediment/water interface in coastal ecosystems: processes of bioturbation, biostabilisation (EPS) and erosion. He is a numerical modeler of bioturbation/erosion processes with many papers on the subject. He was task leader in the ANR project VASIREMI (2007-2011) and leader of a regional project named GECO-GECO (‘Ecosystem management to guide the cockle fishing”). He is also leader of the project Seine-Aval 5 (2014-2017) BARBES (Biological Association in Relation with sediment transport: Development of a new model of Bioturbation caused by ecosystem Engineers in Seine estuary). In all these projects, he performed lab and field erosion to focus on the role played by microphytobenthos and the macrozoobenthic community on sediment, chl a biomass and microorganism resuspension. These data are collected for developing mechanistic models of bioturbation. He is also a member of the national network RESOMAR and supervises an EC2CO program called UNdER-PRESSURE (a project aiming at providing ecological indicators of the impact of fishing effort on benthic communities and sediment habitat). In many project (GECO-GECO, SA5-BARBES, ANR GIGASSAT on the impact of global warming on mass mortalities of the oyster Crassostrea gigas), he used to map macrozoobenthic and microphytobenthic communities in estuarine ecosystems for deciphering the estuarine ecosystem functioning and the benthos/pelagos coupling.


Institute: IUT of Caen (Technological and Universitary Institute), Biological department : L1, L2 (Environment speciality), Professionnal L3 (environment protection and sustainable management). 270h of teaching activity in 2014.

Disciplines : Ecology, Dévoppement durable, Biologie marine, Statistiques, Analyses multivariées, Géostatistiques, biologie des populations et des écosystèmes, Systématique animale.

Administrative responsibilities

  • Elected member of the National Council of Universities (CNU section 67 Biology of Populations and Ecosytems) depuis 2010
  • School Director at the Technological and Universitary Institute L1 (112 student) from 2004 to 2008
  • School Director of the professional L3 diploma ‘Protection of environment and sustainable development (GEDD) at the Technological and Universitary Institute from 2013 until now (28 students)
  • Member of the scientific and administrative committee of the marine station of Luc sur mer (University of Caen) from 2012 until now
  • Member of the laboratory committee of the laboratory FRE BioMEA (2012-2013)
  • Research contracts administration (see detailed CV)

Expertise and Valorization

  • Scientific supervisor of 2 Doctorate thesis (M. De Crignis 2007-2010 50%, M. Ubertini 2009-2012 80 %) and thesis director of 1 PhD student (C. Rakotomalala 2012-2015) and 3 M2 students (J. Jugieau 2009, C. Rakotomalala 2012, M. Forêt 2013).
  • Referee for 4 PhD juries (Guillaume Bernard, Claire Passarelli, Ismaël Benyoucef, Arnab Chatterjee) and examiner in 3 PhD juries (Guillaume Pierre, Margot de Crignis, Souhila Gouali).
  • Referee for 10 ranked-A journal and 2 european projects (Research Foundation Flanders (Fonds Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek - Vlaanderen, FWO)
  • Expert for the scientific committee at the University of Occidental Brittany (Habilation for Research Direction)
  • Scientific expert in Specialist committees for 7 permanent position of assistant professor (Caen, Nantes, Lille 1, La Rochelle, Bordeaux)
  • 2010-2014 : Member of the national network RESOMAR (Network of marine laboratories and stations) - BENTHOS Participation to ring-test for macrozoobenthic taxonomy