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Jean-Paul ROBIN

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Université de CAEN - Basse Normandie



0231565395 / 0652150166




Université de Caen Normandie (UCN)


Team 5: Diversity and interactions in coastal ecosystems

Research axis/workshop

Transversal axe Global Change
Fish market sampling for long finned squid

Research topics

Fisheries ecology and population dynamics of exploited Cephalopod species. Population modelling and stock assessment. Recruitment, spatial and temporal trends in abundance and environmental factors. Habitat of pre-recruit stages and migrations. Length structure, growth and age determination, statoliths and tracers of the environment. Role in food webs.


  • Population Dynamics, Biodiversity (3rd year of BSc in Biology)
  • Statistics (coordinator of the 1st year of Master course at the Institute of Biology)
  • Marine Ecology, Conservation Biology (1st year of the Master "Science of Coastal and Continental Environments)
  • Stock assessment, SIG (2nd year of the Aquacaen specialty in Master SCCE)

Administrative responsibilities

  • Elected representative to the Technical Committee of the University in 2011 (in charge of Human Resources Management issues)
  • Delegate for Information Systems Security (UMR-BOREA Caen laboratory)
  • Member of the Regional Scientific Council for Natural Heritage of Lower Normandy since 2012.
  • Scientist in charge of Caen contribution to the following European projects:
    • Partner of the Interreg IV A "France (Manche) Angleterre"Pegaseas (2014)
    • Leader of the Interreg IV A project CRESH (Cephalopod Recruitment from English Channel Spawing Habitats" (2009-2012) (8 partenaires, UK et FR)
    • Partner of the CEPHSTOCK Concerted Action (2002–2005) (21 instituts participants, 8 pays)
    • Partner of the CFP "Data collection for assessment of Cephalopod fisheries" (2000–2001).

Expertise and Valorization

  • Reserve Member of the Cephalopod International Advisory Council (CIAC) (2012-2015).
  • Co-Chair of the ICES working group WGCEPH "Cephalopod Fisheries and Life-Histories" (2014-16)
  • AERES Expert involved in the evaluation of Oceanology and Geosciences Lab (2013).
  • Referee for DFG (German Research Foundation) about a German-Peruvian project (2011)
  • Referee for DEFRA about a CEFAS project (2011)
  • Referee for ANR about a "young scientist" proposal (2010)