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Muséum National d'Histoire Naturelle (MNHN)



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MNHN Paris


Team 6: Source and transfer of organic matter in aquatic ecosystems

Research axis/workshop

Transversal axe Global Change
Binational Observatory of Lake Titicaca (OBLT)
Palétuvier de Nouvelle-Calédonie : Rhizophora sylosa

Research topics

My main research work focus of the fate of organic matter (OM) in aquatic ecosystems in the presence of adjacent wetlands zones (mangroves, varzea ...). More specificaly,  I work on the contribution of this MO in food webs, and in maintaining the productivity and biodiversity in coastal environments. To do this, I use the method of fatty acid markers in parallel with the stable isotopes of C and N. I am also interrested on the role of aquaculture discharges on the biodiversity of estuarine and coastal areas.


I teach mainly aquatic ecology within the 3 courses of Master SDUEE (MNHN-UPMC).

I am in charge of these courses since their creations. Other teaching:-sampling-inventory-data analysis-scientific English

OEM - Collection and inventory of coastal organismes . E2F “Sea”, 3 ECTS
EBE-functional Ecology of natural and anthropized ecosystems 3 ECTS
SEP - Introduction to inventories in insular and coastal environments 3 ECTS

Administrative responsibilities

  • Depuis 2007 : Responsable de l’équipe RESAQUA de l’UMR BOREA
  • Membre du Conseil de l’UMR  BOREA
  • Responsable du parcours professionnalisant (UPMC-MNHN) Expertise Faune Flore Marine « E2F-Mer » Spécialité  OEM Master SDUEE (UPMC)

Curator tasks

Chargé de collection des annélides polychètes et des vers libres. Pour de plus amples détails suivez ce lien



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