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Team 4: Larval dispersal and communities organization in austral and tropical island systems

Research axis/workshop

Transversal axe Global Change
Biominerals, repository of environmental changes landmarks

Research topics

In the scope of the team 'Biodiversity, plasticity, adaptation and conservation' (BIOPAC) features of functional ecology and evolution of biological systems are pointed out by highligthing adaptive and environmental signatures in biomineralized systems.

Biomineralized structures consist of global and integrative functional importance traits for the organisms and can be expected to witness their adaptive response availability. Organic molecules that support the 'biological control' and mineral chemistry merge to provide biomineralized systems dynamics with advanced adaptive plasticity properties.

In a comprehensive comparative approach, structure-function-evolution sign evidence in the molecules laced with mineralizing systems are looked for through spectroscopic methods thanks to the MNHN platforms facilities, sclerochronology methods, NanoSIMS microchemistry, Synchrotron geochemistry.

Thus biominerals may help decipher adaptative history traits in population / species (sustained vs divergent scenarios) as well as tracking migration events.

Focus is given to :

- evolution of biological control molecules (namely proteins) characterization using proteomics method though a comparative approach in different taxonomic lineages.

- diversity of eco-adaptive mechanisms features analyzed using microchemistry and geochemistry in different carbonate biominerals, in otoliths, mollusc shells and foraminiferan tests as biological models.

Data analysis rely on computational methods including statistical analysis.

Keywords : functional ecology – biominerals – plasticity – adaptation– proteomique – microchemistry– geochemistry

Administrative responsibilities

Council Board member of the "Departement Milieux et peuplement aquatiques"

Member of the MNHN Doctoral School committee  'Human and Natural Sciences - Evolution and Ecology' - ED 227 MNHN - UPMC - SORBONNE UNIVERSITE 

Health and Safety occupational assistant for the workplace (MNHN DMPA - UMR 7208)


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