Has the common genet (Genetta genetta) spread into south-eastern France and Italy?

TitreHas the common genet (Genetta genetta) spread into south-eastern France and Italy?
Type de publicationJournal Article
Year of Publication2008
AuteursGaubert, P, Jiguet, F, Bayle, P, Angelici, FM
JournalItalian Journal of Zoology

The common genet (Genetta genetta) is a small carnivoran that was probably introduced from Maghreb into south-western Europe. We reassessed its easternmost European distribution from 110-mostly new-data collected in south-eastern France and Italy, and tested for potential habitat selection, to finally re-evaluate the role of the Rhone as a geographic barrier against eastward migrations. The species was more frequent in river valleys, wetlands and low-mountainous areas (south-eastern France), but also occurred in high-mountainous zones at the French-Italian border. Our results evidenced a significant increase of records (13-fold the number of occurrences previously known) and an apparent absence of habitat selection by the common genet, suggesting a recent, natural spread from the right bank of the Rhne through a zone of 30km with artificial bridges. We finally provide a synthetic, re-assessed distribution map of the common genet in France and Italy, combining 4317 occurrences from French national databases and the 110 records collected herein.