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Cédric HUBAS

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Assistant professor





02 98 50 99 33


01 40 79 31 09


Concarneau Marine Station
MNHN Paris


Team 6: Source and transfer of organic matter in aquatic ecosystems

Research axis/workshop

Transversal axe Communication & Perception
Binational Observatory of Lake Titicaca (OBLT)
Field trip to the Chausey archipelagos
δ13C Imaging of a purple sulphur bacterial mat
Specimen of the Tardigrada collection of the MNHN

Research topics

My research focuses on understanding the functioning of microbial communities. This question is adressed by focusing on the following two themes:

1 / Diversity and functioning of biofilms and microbial mats: mainly in aquatic ecosystems (freshwater and marine). I am mainly interested in coastal ecosystems with a real preference for the intertidal area.

2 / Interactions in microbial ecosystems: between microorganisms (communication, ...) or between a host and a microbe (symbiosis, ...)


I teach mainly in ecology and statistics (univariate and multivariate) at the Museum of Natural History and other institutions/universities. I am also part of the ICTs in education (information and communication technologies) committee of the museum of natural history and manage the e-learning platform (

Curator tasks

I am curator of the meiofauna ( and sipunculide collections. The meiofauna collection is composed of about 800 different species mounted on about 3000 glass slides. This collection is composed by 8 different phyla (Annelida, Gastrotricha, Kinorhyncha, Loricifera, Nematoda, Platyhelminthes, Rotifera, Tardigrada).


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