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PDF icon Minguez et al 2014.pdf (798.01 Ko)
PDF icon Minguez et al 2014.pdf (1004.13 Ko)
PDF icon Santerre et al 2014.pdf (1.43 Mo)
PDF icon Halm-Lemeille et al 2014 final.pdf (908.9 Ko)
PDF icon Mottier et al. 2014 Mecoprop.pdf (1.82 Mo)
PDF icon Pasquier_BMC_Evol2014.pdf (5.79 Mo)
PDF icon Jeng_GCE_2014.pdf (2.21 Mo)
PDF icon Taillebois et al, 2014 - New Sicydiinae phylogeny inferred from mitochondrial and nuclear genes Insights on systematics and ancestral areas.pdf (4.77 Mo)
PDF icon Ramos-Silva-PlosOne-14.pdf (453.94 Ko)
PDF icon Taillebois et al, 2013 - Contrasting genetic structure among populations of two amphidromous fish species in the central west pacific.pdf (3.79 Mo)
PDF icon 28-Darias et al.'13a.pdf (1.07 Mo)
PDF icon Fontaine_Endocrinology2013.pdf (2.39 Mo)
PDF icon Mottier et al. 2013.pdf (1.31 Mo)
PDF icon Phylogeny-am-nat.pdf (468.37 Ko)
PDF icon Molecular identification of a cryptic species in the Amazonian predatory catfish genus Pseudoplatystoma (Bleeker, 1962) from Peru.pdf (539.24 Ko)
PDF icon 30-Darias et al.'13b.pdf (1.05 Mo)
PDF icon Ager-Wick et al 2013 PlosOne.pdf (1.42 Mo)
PDF icon mec-proof-Feutry_12192.pdf (3.57 Mo)
PDF icon Blanchet-Letrouve_EES_2013.pdf (1.49 Mo)