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PDF icon Methods Ecol Evol - 2022 - Leroy - Analysing economic costs of invasive alien species with the invacost r package.pdf (872.22 KB)
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PDF icon McQuartters-Gollop et al 2022.pdf (3.01 MB)
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PDF icon fsac059.pdf (1.56 MB)
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PDF icon BoletzkyHonorKlug2022.pdf (1.63 MB)
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PDF icon Cotovicz_et_al_2022_ Arq. Ciên. Mar.pdf (783.02 KB)
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PDF icon Morini_2022_fendo-13-1013868.pdf (4.06 MB)
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PDF icon de Mazancourt, Wappler, Wedmann - 2022 - Exceptional preservation of internal organs in a new fossil species of freshwater shrimp (Carid.pdf (12.82 MB)
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PDF icon Ben Lamine et al. 2022.pdf (3.13 MB)
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PDF icon Auber et al. 2022.pdf (15.71 MB)
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PDF icon fishes-07-00106.pdf (3 MB)
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PDF icon Teichert_et_al-2022-Hydrobiologia.pdf (1.52 MB)
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