Methods for obtaining neutral and acid oligosaccharides from flax pectins

TitreMethods for obtaining neutral and acid oligosaccharides from flax pectins
Type de publicationJournal Article
Year of Publication2005
AuteursBedouet, L, Courtois, B, Courtois, J
JournalBiotechnology Letters

Esterified acid soluble pectins from flax (Linun usitatissimum L.) were degraded either with HCl or pectin lyase. Centrifugation and 2-propanol precipitation led to the isolation of two low molecular weight polygalacturonates after acid hydrolysis of pectins. However, after pectin lyase digestion and purification by size-exclusion HPLC. H-1 NMR analyses indicated that acetylated hairy regions, large methylated and acetylated oligogalacturonides together with small unsubstituted oligogalacturonides were produced. Thus, in a few steps, a panel of substituted neutral and acidic oligosaccharides was produced from a raw plant material. Such oligosaccharides could be useful for further fractionations such as chemical saponification and enzymatic removal of neutral sugar chains from the hairy regions. The procedures used for pectin extraction, for degradation, and for the purification of fragments seem appropriate for large-scale production of biologically active oligosaccharides from flax.