Nacre biocrystal thermal behaviour

TitreNacre biocrystal thermal behaviour
Type de publicationJournal Article
Year of Publication2007
AuteursBourrat, X, Francke, L, Lopez, E, Rousseau, M, Stempfle, P, Angellier, M, Alberic, P

The thermal behaviour of Pinctada margaritifera nacre was studied at different temperatures by means of thermal gravimetric, thermo-mechanical and Rock-Eval analyses. From the mechanical point of view nacre exhibited a complete reversible behaviour up to 230 degrees C. The bio-aragonite allotrope was seen to be as stable as the abiotic aragonite up to 470-500 degrees C. It was also evidenced that the organic phase was keeping cracking oxygen functions at temperatures as high as 650 degrees C. Nacre thermal behaviour could be described following four distinctive stages and discussed in comparison with previous data obtained in oxidative conditions.