Alosa alosa

2011 - 2016
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Collaboration scientifique

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Conservation and restoration of the Allis shad in the Gironde and Rhine watersheds


European Commission: Project Life + Alosa alosa

Programme Life+ Nature and Biodiversity 2009 : LIFE09 NAT/DE/000008

One hundred years ago, the Allis shad population in the Rhine watershed was the most important shad population in its northern distribution range with annual catches of several hundred tons of fish every year. Within 30 years this population collapsed. In the Gironde, since 2006 a strong decrease in the return rates of mature shads to the rivers for reproduction occurred. In a unique European approach the project is combining the conservation of the largest remaining Allis shad population in Europe in the Gironde watershed in France with the re-introduction of Allis shad to the Rhine watershed in Germany. Our team participates to the development of the techniques for an Allis shad ex situ stock at the Aquarium of La Rochelle (Pierre Morinière and his team), under the coordination of Philippe Jatteau (Irstea).

Coordinator: Heiner KLINGER, Landesanstalt für Umwelt und Verbraucherschutz in Nordrhein-Westfalen