Schismatogobius (Gobiidae) from Indonesia, with description of four new species

TitreSchismatogobius (Gobiidae) from Indonesia, with description of four new species
Type de publicationJournal Article
Year of Publication2017
AuteursKeith, P, Lord, C, Darhuddin, H, Limmon, G, Sukmono, T, Hadiaty, R, Hubert, N
Date Published06/2017
Mots-clésGobiidae, Indonesia, New species, Schismatogobius

The species of Schismatogobius from Indonesia are reviewed and compared to the known species described from the area. Eight species are recognized including four new species. These are described using genetic and morphomeristic approaches. The species differ by a high percentage of genetic divergence in partial COI gene (652 bp) and by several characters including the number of pectoral fin rays, the pattern of the ventral surface of the head in males and/or females, the pectoral fin colour pattern, the jaw length/head length ratio or the jaw length of male and/or female.

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