2023 to 2025
Program type
Regional - National
Scientific cooperation
Central America and the Caribbean

Biosurveillance Active pour les Départements et Régions d’Outre Mer


Monitoring the chemical status of continental and coastal aquatic environments is enshrined in regulations and is based on their compliance with environmental quality standards (EQS). Following the publication of the daughter directive (2013/39/EU) and for several organic and therefore bioaccumulable substances, EQS have been proposed for biota. Thus, a strong regulatory commitment has been to favor monitoring using biota rather than water. The implementation of active biomonitoring, based on the encagement of calibrated organisms from known and controlled populations, makes it possible to meet these regulatory requirements. The project proposes to study the feasibility of developing an active biomonitoring approach for monitoring the chemical status of aquatic environments in French overseas departments and territories, using local species. This is a first for this type of experimentation, and a number of constraints different from those described in mainland France need to be identified in order to adapt the system (identification of species of interest, bibliographical synthesis and choice of stations, first caging trial on a proposed species, validation of the caging method).

Funding: Office Français de la Biodiversité (OFB)

Project coordinator: Olivier GEFFARD (Directeur de recherche, INRAE,

BOREA project contact: Charlotte Dromard (


  • Eric Abadie (Ifremer Martinique)
  • Farida Akcha (Ifremer Nantes)
  • Aourell Mauffret (Ifremer Nantes)