In the spotlight. Atlas of marine fish in mainland France project

In the spotlight. Atlas of marine fish in mainland France project

UMR BOREA and its partners, the Société Française d'Ichtyologie (SFI), the Centre d’expertise du Patrimoine Naturel (PatriNat), will publish the first Atlas of marine fishes (agnathans, chondrichthyans, actinopterygians) in mainland France.The aim of the project is to provide a reference tool for assessing the state of biodiversity, not only for management and conservation purposes, but also for the dissemination of scientific knowledge. It will target scientists, fishermen, public services, associations involved in knowing and managing the environment, as well as the general public.

This atlas will review the biology, ecology, conservation status and distribution of marine and diadromous fish species in the territorial waters of mainland France. It will be based on Béarez et al. (2017) and Iglésias et al (2021). This project will update FishBase reference database. It will consolidate the national taxonomic list TAXREF and feed the database of species characteristics (BDC-Traits). Finally, it will be a tool for validation of national data and dissemination of knowledge.

The atlas, which will be available in print and online in 2025, will include descriptive fact sheets, distribution maps for 741 species, and a variety of photographs and illustrations - particularly the watercolours created as part of this project. It will provide a unique, immersive experience not only for specialists, but also for all marine life enthusiasts, divers and the curious.

This project is supported by the OFB, the UAR PatriNat and the Société Française d'Ichtyologie (SFI).

Project coordinator: Jeanne de Mazieres de Chambon,

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Published on 24 Jan 2024
Updated on 23 Feb 2024