Biodiversité, dispersion et histoire évolutive des Syngnathidae (Teleostei) insulaire de la région Indo-Pacifique


The Syngnathidae family (Seahorses, Pipefishes) is represented by more than 300 species included in about fifty genera. The vast majority is distributed in tropical and temperate marine coastal waters. However, about thirty of them, currently distributed in 7 genera, inhabit tropical island rivers. The taxonomy and nomenclature of these freshwater pipefishes is unclear. Since their description, the scientific status of each species and genus has changed many times. Their taxonomy, only based on morphological criteria is currently unclear and hinders any research on these organisms.

The aim of my research is to undertake a taxonomic revision of the group using integrative taxonomy (use of morphological, genetic, ecological, phylogeographic data…). Another part of my PhD thesis will be to study of the life cycle of these species, as there is no information about it. To do so, I will use otolith microchemical analysis.

This work will thus provide tools for managers to implement conservation measures for these species and their environments.

Director: Philippe Keith (Clara Lord co-leadership)


HAY Vincent