Add-on Project

2020 to 2023
Program type
Scientific cooperation

People involved

International Cooperation Add-on Project, MOST, Taiwan « Genomic, cellular and molecular study of epigenetic modification involved in fish sexual fate »


This international cooperation project aims at investigating the regulation, including epigenetic mechanisms, of aromatase expression, key enzyme converting androgens into estrogens, and involved in gonadal sex fate. The model organisms will be Actinopterygian fishes of biological, evolutionary, ecological and aquacultural interests, including non-teleost representatives (gar, sturgeon), basal teleosts (European and Japanese eels) and teleost undergoing sex change (porgy, grouper).

This « Add-on project » is linked to Research Grants from MOST to Pr CF CHANG and from Ministry of Education, Taiwan to S. Dufour , and will cover the stays at BOREA, MNHN of scientists from National Taiwan Ocean University (NTOU) : a post-dotoral fellow, Chien-Ju LIN (3 months stay/ year) and Prof Ching-Fong CHANG (1 to 2 weeks/ year).

Project coordinators:

  • France : S Dufour, CNRS, BOREA, MNHN, Paris ;
  • Taiwan : Pr CF Chang, NTOU, Keelung, Taiwan

Funding: Taiwan, Ministry of Science and Technology


- Center of Excellence for the Ocean and Department of Aquaculture, National Taiwan Ocean University (NTOU), Keelung, Taiwan (Pr Ching-Fong CHANG ; Pr Guan-Chung WU ; Dr Chien-Ju LIN).(

- Department of Aquaculture, National Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology (NKUST), Kaohsiung Taiwan (Pr Shan-Ju JENG)