2020 to 2022
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Scientific cooperation

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APOSTD 2020 : Spermatogonia proliferation in the European eel : molecular mechanisms involved and their modulation by temperature


This program supports the 2-year international post-doctoral fellowship of Dr Marina MORINI, who will perform her research for half-time in France (BOREA, MNHN, Paris) and half-time in Spain (GAB, UPV, Valencia) under the co-supervision of S. Dufour (France) and J. Asturiano (Spain). The project concerns the molecular and environmental mechanisms of the regulation of the first steps of spermatogenesis (spermatogonia proliferation), in the European eel, Anguilla anguilla. The European eel is an endangered species of biological and phylogenetical interests, of importance for aquaculture, but the reproduction of which is not controled yet.  The objectives concern the identification of the molecular actors of the regulation and their phylogenetical evolution. The effects of water temperature and salinity will be studied in order to investigate the roles of environmental factors on eel life cycle and of the impact of climatic and global changes.

Funding: Espagne, Generalitat Valenciana et Communauté Européenne

Project coordinators:

  • France : Dr Sylvie DUFOUR, CNRS, BOREA, MNHN. sylvie.ducour@mnhn.fr
  • Espagne : Prof Juan ASTURIANO, Université Polytechnique de Valencia

Grupo Acuicultura y Biodiversidad (GAB), Universidad Politecnica de Valencia (UPV), Spain (Prof Juan ASTURIANO, Prof Luz PEREZ, Dr Marina MORINI)