Photo prise au microscope keyence d’une coupe transversale d’une coquille du bivalve arctique Astarte moerchi de l’archipel du Svalbard
2013 to 2016

People involved

Panarctic bivalves as polar bioarchives


The main objective of the B. Polar_Sclerarctic scientific project is based on the use of the skeletal parts of polar marine invertebrates as bioarchives of environmental changes of benthic marine arctic ecosystems. Methods of sclero–chronology and –geochemistry are used to reconstruct past variations of selected environmental parameters at different temporal (daily to century) and spatial (fjord to pan-arctic) scales by using two bivalve species, Chlamys islandica (Scala IPEV) and Astarte spp. (Sclerarctic Ec2co_INSU). Coupled to such ecological researches, artistic works associated to plastic and visual arts will be developed. This project constitutes an unique opportunity for scientists and artists to work together on the topics of climate change impacts, breaking thus the boundaries of each discipline. Two PhD students (B. Gaillard, UQAR/ISMER and S. de Cesare ENS/MNHN) and one post-doc (J. Richard, IUEM/LEMAR) are involved in this project.