2016 to 2018
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Regional - National
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Mise en place d’un système expérimental in situ endophyte-kelp pour l’étude des interactions moléculaires impliquées dans la relation entre macroalgues et endomicrobiome


Porteur du projet : Soizic Prado (Pr. MNHN - UMR MCAM)

Partenaires : Cédric Hubas (MNHN - UMR BOREA), Claire Gachon (SAMS - Ecosse)

Microorganisms associated with algae have a role in the development, defense or growth of their hosts. Bacteria or eukaryotes, epiphytes or endophytes, can maintain various relationships ranging from symbiosis to parasitism and are often mediated by the production of chemical compounds. Although the endomicrobiome of higher-plants is now well characterized notably because of its ability to protect the host plant against biotic and abiotic stresses, those of macroalgae remains largely unexplored. Thus, after having characterized the diversity of the cultivable bacterial and fungal associated with two algae of ecological and economic interest, Laminaria digitata and Saccharina latissima, we wish through this ENDOKELP project to build a robust experimental biological system allowing the re-inoculation of fungi Endophytes in algae which will then serve as a pillar for studying the molecular interactions that govern the relationship between endophyte and kelp in the context of biotic and abiotic stresses.

Endokelp project :


Financed by : CNRS-PEPS Exomod