2020 to 2024
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Regional - National
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Early Developmental and Multigenerational Effects of Pesticide Exposure in the Pacific Oyster


Understanding the effects of exposure to low concentrations of chemical pollutants on the life cycle of organisms, as well as transgenerational effects, is one of the main issues in ecotoxicology. The main goal of this project is to study the effects of a mixture of pesticides on the development of oyster larvae, their life cycle (larval recruitment, growth, reproduction) and their offspring. Two main questions will be addressed: 1) What are the effects of early exposure to a mixture of pollutants on the life cycle of an organism? 2) Are these effects persistent in the offspring of exposed animals? Can adaptation be observed? Several approaches will be developed at the molecular (transcriptomic and epigenetic) and individual (larval recruitment, growth, reproduction) levels.

Keywords: oyster, pesticides, mixtures, transcriptomics, epigenetics

Funding: ANR

Coordinator:  Rossana Sussarellu, Ifremer RBE Nantes,