Project Melanesia-Hotspot

Photo P. Keith
2015 to 2017
Program type
Scientific cooperation

People involved

Project Melanesia-Hotspot: Filling gaps and improving knowledge of freshwater fauna: a way forward for improving management of rivers of the Solomon and Vanuatu Islands


The main objective of our project is to inventory in CEPF (Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund) priority sites freshwater fish and crustaceans in Solomon and Vanuatu in order to fill the gaps identified at IUCN Redlisting workshop. It will propose management solutions that will assist environmental managers, land-owners, local communities and all those interested in sustainable freshwater management. This work will provide help:

  • raise awareness and gain an understanding of the rich freshwater biodiversity present in most rivers and streams of Vanuatu and Solomon and;
  • provide important information concerning conservation and management actions where needed (design of fish passes, protection of riparian margins and catchment areas, etc..).

Thus, in terms of strategic directions, the project is clearly focusing on increasing knowledge in important biodiversity areas, and (i) fill gaps in knowledge with regard to target species at CEPF priority sites; (ii) cover species of cultural and economic importance to local people, and indicators of ecosystem health; (iii) involve relevant government institutions and community members, and provide opportunities for capacity building in taxonomy and ethnobiology; and (iv) demonstrate that the survey is a means to an end, in terms of developing a foundation of knowledge and relationships for future support to communities at the site.


Researchers and institutions involved

  • Muséum National d’Histoire Naturelle, UMR 7208 BOREA, France; Coord. P. Keith
  • Department of Conservation, New Zealand
  • Department of Environment and Conservation of Vanuatu
  • Department of Environment and Conservation In Solomon
  • Ecological Solution in Solomon (ESSI)