[New] Freshwater Fish of the Solomon Islands

Books 23 Mar 2021

[New] Freshwater Fish of the Solomon Islands

Freshwater Fish of the Solomon Islands. P. Keith, D. Boseto & C. Lord. Editions Société Française d'Ichtyologie, 174 p., 2021

This book, Freshwater fish of the Solomon Islands, valorises 20 years of inventories and studies carried out throughout the islands of the archipelago. A total of nearly 80 fish species occur in the rivers of the Solomon Islands, 14 of them are local or regional endemic.

The reader will find the main characteristics of the Solomon Islands, of the aquatic ecosystems and of the communities inhabiting them. The list of the species present, their adaptations to insular systems and the problems linked to their management and conservation are developed. In order to determine the different species, the main characteristics concerning their description, biology and distribution are given. Numerous photos and maps are also presented and complete the information given for each species. The handbook is primarily a didactic inter-disciplinary tool for the restitution of practical management actions that could readily be implemented by local communities and freshwater managers in relation to the management of threatened species. The information will however be of use to many other stakeholders, especially those involved in education (teachers, NGOs, etc). It has therefore been written in the species part in two different languages: English and Pidgin.

BOREA contact: Philippe Keith, philippe.keith@mnhn.fr and Clara Lord, clara.lord@mnhn.fr