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ALGOBANK-CAEN is the microalgal culture collection of the University of Caen Basse-Normandie (France). The collection consists of more than 500 strains of marine, brackish water and freshwater microalgae that can be provided for research, education and industry.


Geographical distribution of the Alestes species (Alestidae) in red and the Amphilius species (Amphiliidae) in blue.

FAUNAFRI, observatory of the biodiversity, is an online GSI intended to collate, store, manage, and make widely available information about the distributions of fresh and brackish water fish species in Africa. The graphical user interface allows to map, analyse and compare the geographical distribution on families, genera and species of fish as well at the continent scale than to that of the capture points one. The user may choose several levels of geographic aggregation to display the required information.


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Fish are both an evolutionary heritage threatened by human activities and a set of long term biological resources that we must preserve. For a long time, the African continent has been spared of human activities, but today this is no longer the case. The good management of inland waters is a real and vital economic issue. Indeed, for these riverine populations, the freshwater fish sometimes constitutes the alone protein availability.