Coquille d'embryon de Sepia officinalis
2015 to 2016
Program type
Regional - National
Scientific cooperation

Evolution of molluscan shell : organic components involved in shell synthesis in Sepia officinalis (Cephalopod)


In cephalopod coleoid lineage, sepiids show an internal shell with two distinct parts: dorsal shield and phragmocone. Its mineral composition (aragonite) is well known but organic components, especially proteins, remain to be determined. We propose in this project to 1) identify the proteins  in organic fractions from dorsal shield and phragmocone 2) analyse gene expression of each part of shell sac (dorsal and ventral) and 3) determine if some identified components show similar enzymatic activities to those of other molluscs. This integrated study is the first one in a mollusc with an internal shell.

Funds come from "Actions Transversales du Muséum National d'Histoire Naturelle" (ATM Minéral-Vivant). Two teams (1&2) of the UMR BOREA are involved.  

Contact : Charles LE PABIC: